...Where is Kancho performed? Continued

Kancho is when someone tries, in a friendly way, to ram their index fingers up your -

anus, apple bottom, arse, ass, asshole, asterisk, badonkadonk, bean recycling center, bum, buns, butt, buttocks, booty, black hole, brown alley, bung hole, bung hut, caboose, can, corn hole, crack, crap container, crapuretor, cat star, cocoa puff, culo, cum receptacle, derriere, double onion, dookey dropper, dumps(like a truck), engine in back, fanny, fart canon, fecal matter splatterer, fundament, gas valve, glory hole, guts gun, haunches, hershery highway, hills and valley, hindquarters, hiney, the hinterland, hoo hoo, J-Lo, keister, little winker, gluteus maximus, the long goodbye, methane muffler, Mr. Hanky's house, chocolate muffins, one eyed goblin, pink starfish, pooper, poop deck, poo producer, posterior, post-consumer waste producer, prat, rectum, the relationship ender, rump, salad shooter, shit rocket launcher, sit-upon, southern star, splunkers paradise, stern, stink valley, swiss cake roll, thong rack, tailpipe, trunk, tuchus, tush, turd sheppard, wazoo, winnie the pooer, willy wanker's chocolate factory...

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